The Sancho 200 is one of the most challenging gravel grinders in the country. By "gravel" we mean gravel, sand, mud, dirt, and pavement too. Not quite ready to ride it solo? Try the 2-person and 4-person relay options. Finishers will receive a well deserved major award.   





Solo = $40

2-Person Team = $75

4-Person Team = $150


All participants receive a Sancho 200 t-shirt. Day-of registration is $50 for solo riders, $95 for 2-person teams, and $190 for 4-peson teams. We encourage pre-reg so we can better plan logisitics.



Register Online:







With beverages supplied by

Short's Brewing


You heard right.  From 8pm-12am, 200 mile riders will be welcomed home with killer tunes and delicious beer from Short's Brewing.  It will be a good time.  We promise.





Sunrise: 5:59am.  

Sunset: 9:22pm.


The course is mostly gravel and sandy two-track but there is some pavement. If you are a beast you will average 13-16mph. If you are an experienced, fit rider you will average around 12-13mph. All others should plan to average 9-11mph.

There are many turns on the route, so use the method you trust most to navigate. We use Wahoo Elemnts, which have great battery life and a good turn-by-turn guidance system.






We've decide to go old skool and keep track of timing via a good ol' timer clock. We still encourage you to record your ride on Strava, but your official finish time will be based on the time you cross the finish line.






The starting rider for each team will be given a numbered token.  The finishing rider for that team MUST possess that same token when crossing the finish line, so guard it with your life.  Teams can divide up relay segments however they please.






Please note: this information is subject to change

Water and food stations will be setup along the route at around mile 45 (where the routes first deviate) and mile 165, but you should still keep yourself stocked on nutrition and water just to be safe. If you have anything you'd like taken to the feed zone for you, please have it in bag with your name clearly written on it.   






This is NOT a closed-course event, which means there can be cars and other vehicles on the route at any time. Riders are responsible for obeying all traffic laws and exercising extreme caution. You are expected to stop at all stop signs.


There will be no emergency medical staff on the course. You are responsible for tending to your own injuries. Basic first-aid supplies will be provided at watering stations along the course. 


If you can not complete the course, you are responsible for arranging your own rescue.






You have our permission to print and post our event flyer whereever you please. Here is the Event Flyer (PDF).



Here are some photos depicting road surfaces you can expect


Here is a speedy tutorial on how to load the Strava route into your Wahoo Elemnt.