This is an unsupported race. What does that mean?  Sancho 200 is an unsupported event but will have 4 official checkpoints stocked with water, snacks, drink mix, and a few other goodies to help you along your adventure. In addition to the 4 official checkpoints there are also 4 gas stations/markets along the way (see list below). There is NO moving support permitted on the course and there will not be any bag drops permitted either. CARRY EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED ON YOUR BIKE.


Registration is now open!



Solo = $75

Packet Pickup

Friday, June 5, 3-8pm

All riders MUST sign the waver in order to participate

Einstein Cycles

1990 N US31N, Traverse City, MI

Or, the day of the race from 5:00am until 5:40am.

The Course

Sunrise: 5:57am.

Sunset: 6:30pm.

The course is mostly gravel and sandy two-track but there is some pavement. If you are a beast you will average 13-16mph. If you are an experienced, fit rider you will average around 12-13mph. All others should plan to average 9-11mph.

There are many turns on the route, so use the method you trust most to navigate. We use Wahoo Elemnts, which have great battery life and a good turn-by-turn guidance system.




Aid Stations

1st aid station @  mile #41 (E. 14 Rd. & N. 35 Rd, Manton)

2nd aid station @ mile #100 (Brooks Rd & W. Moore Drive, Peacock)

3rd aid station @ mile #139 (Swihart Rd & N. Coates Hwy, Brethren)

4th aid station @ mile #179 (Country Line Rd & Dell Rd, Kingsley)


Please note that there are 4 gas stations along the race course, they are located at:

– Bristol Gas Station: @ mile #70.5

– Wolf Lake Gas Station: @ mile #90.5

– Wellston Dollar General: @ mile #127.5


This is NOT a closed-course event, which means there can be cars and other vehicles on the route at any time. Riders are responsible for obeying all traffic laws and exercising extreme caution. You are expected to stop at all stop signs.


If you experience a serious injury CALL 911. There will not be medical staff on the course. There will however first aid kits at the aid stations. If you experience an injury please contact Heidi at 231-620-4656 either via call or text message(this number will be on the back of your number plate as well).


This year we will be using a timing chip system with live tracking online.  We’ll have more info on this soon.


In the event that you need to drop out we ask that you contact Heidi at 231-620-4656 so we can make sure our aid stations know that you have left the race. These folks are spending the day making sure you are taken care of out there, please give them the courtesy of letting them know you won’t be coming through their station so they don’t stay and wait for you to cross. You are responsible for transportation back to the finish line if you drop out, there will not be staff available to transport you and your bike. Aid station #3 will be shut down at 7:00pm. IF you have not made it to that station by that time you assume the remainder of the race is completely unsupported, there will not be any more staff until the finish line.



There will be NO parking in the Einstein parking lot! Saturday is business as usual at Einstein Cycles and their neighboring business’ please respect their parking needs. There is parking available in the back of Bob Evans parking lot (look for coned off area, this is directly next door to Einstein Cycles). In the event that those spots are taken when you arrive there is an adjacent vacant parking lot (the old Hooters building) and there will be open spots if needed, we ask that you park in the back of the parking lot at both places as the spots close to the building are for their patrons.