Sancho 200 UP is a 200-mile gravel adventure ride which starts and ends at Bearclaw Bicycle Co. in Moran, MI. The course is made up of gravel, sand, mud, 2-track, and some pavement. We suggest riding a bicycle with a minimum tire size of 29×2.35″. Ideal tire size is 29×2.8-3.0, 27.5×4, or 26 x 4-4.8. Sancho 200 UP is a non-supported event. This is no longer a mass start event. This is a ride the it whenever you feel like riding it and CARRY EVERYTHING YOU WILL NEED WITH YOU event!

Finishers will receive some neat stuff including a cupcake. 

Stay tuned for more!

The Course

Coming soon!


This is NOT a closed-course event, which means there can be cars and other vehicles on the route at any time. Riders are responsible for obeying all traffic laws and exercising extreme caution. You are expected to stop at all stop signs and traffic signals.   If you experience a serious injury CALL 911. There will not be medical staff on the course. There will however be first aid kits at the aid stations. 


You can park in our lot at Bearclaw Bicycle Co. HQ in Moran, MI